Healthy Water & Assisted Living — What You Should Know

Assisted Living

When you think of a place where delicate hearts and minds need special care, what is your first thought?

If you were thinking about a school, you’re likely not alone. But there is a certain faction at the opposite end of that spectrum where such a need also applies.

Seniors in assisted living are typically less resistant to potential contaminants in water. Because of this, they are at a higher health risk.

Today is National Senior Citizen’s Day, and we are taking a little time to show our love and support to those that helped build our country into what it is today.

Whether you already have a loved one residing in one of these homes, or you are in the phase of choosing one, what questions should you be asking about the facilities and its water supply?

Lead Pipes

How old is your targeted assisted living establishment? Many nursing homes are built on private well sites, which do not require any regulation from the EPA. While the majority of documentation as related to lead poisoning is with children, lead is not good for anyone, particularly seniors with weaker immune systems.

Ask the provider if the facility is on municipal water or if it has its own system. If the nursing home does use well water, does it have proper prevention measures in place, such as backflow prevention devices, updated well caps that are vented, insect and vermin proof.

Contingency and emergency planning for possible contamination is also important, as there should be alternative options available in the event of a well problem.

Legionnaire’s Disease

Legionnaire’s is an atypical pneumonia caused by bacteria found in fresh water. Outbreaks of the disease in nursing homes have been well-documented over the past decade in the news, particularly when deaths are involved.

A study in 2015 of more than 2,800 cases of the disease found that 533 (19%) of cases occurred specifically in a health care facility, such as a hospital and nursing home.

The CDC has openly requested that all health care facilities do more to protect its plumbing systems from possible contamination. Ask your facility provider to provide you details on how regularly the disinfectant and chemical levels are monitored.

Filtered Water Quality

Other naturally-occurring pathogens can cause issues with impaired immune systems, such as the elderly. Generally, Americans are growing worried about polluted drinking water. Many nursing homes use on-tap filtered water systems and/or have Culligan® bottled water delivery on hand for its residents to have easy access to.

Ask if the assisted living establishment your loved ones are considering are residing in uses a filter system. Taking care of one of the most essential elements for sustainable human life can help establish trust between all parties involved. A facility that invests in the health of its residents is a good sign that it takes itself seriously as an establishment.

Culligan Puts Safety First

Recently at Sharp Water Culligan, we’ve enrolled our vehicles in the Safety First program to reduce the possibilities of accidents. The purpose of the Safety First program is to ensure roadway safety and to reduce the amount of vehicular accidents every year. By enrolling in this program, managers are able to provide constructive feedback to those of whom are operating our vehicles.

“The overwhelming majority of the studies concluded that the investment in safety through the SafetyFirst program produced measurable results; reducing automobile accidents, saving money, saving time and saving lives.” – SafetyFirst Systems, LLC.

Our goal at Sharp Water isn’t just to provide people with great-tasting, purified, water but it’s also to ensure the safety of those around us. If you see a Culligan vehicle like the one pictured above, please let us know how we are driving. Good or bad, we want to know.


Culligan Van

Thanksgiving with the Culligan Family

Family at Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches here in the States, the importance of family is often brought to our attention whether we spend the holiday with our families or not. Although our family gatherings are rarely as picturesque as a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover, Thanksgiving often has a way of bringing our families together in ways other seasons simply don’t.

Your local Culligan Man is committed to caring for you as if you were family. Culligan has the resources to give you big-company service, and is local enough to give you small-business care. With Culligan in your neighborhood, Culligan can provide you with excellent water care in your home.

Culligan’s water softening systems can be customized to remove impurities like iron, sulfur, and even arsenic from your local water. Culligan offers drinking water solutions that are well-suited to meet your local needs: bottled water can often be delivered straight to your door. Additionally, a bottle-free cooler system or an under-sink reverse-osmosis system can provide you with low-maintenance, high-quality water in your home without the water deliveries.

We here at Culligan make it our goal to treat you like family, not just during Thanksgiving, but all year. As your local water experts, we try to provide you with the best of care, whether that involves bottled water delivery or performing repairs and maintenance on your Culligan whole house filtration system. Since we’re part of your communities ourselves, we understand your water and your needs. We hope you’ll consider joining the Culligan family this Thanksgiving, and we sincerely hope that your Thanksgiving is a great time spent with your family.

Renter’s Guide to Good Water

Culligan Reverse Osmosis Sink Unit

You don’t have to be a homeowner to enjoy good water.

Did this statement take you off-guard? It shouldn’t. The reality is there. Even if you’re renting your current living space, you can enjoy some or all of the benefits of Culligan-provided great water.

The important thing to remember about good water when you’re renting is that what is available to you depends largely on your particular living arrangement with your landlord or lady. The rule of thumb with water systems is that if the water system requires major plumbing changes, you’ll probably have to get those approved by your landlord.

So what is available? Under-sink drinking water systems are a great option for great-tasting drinking water. These systems filter your existing water, removing bad-tasting impurities. Other drinking water alternatives may include free-standing bottled-water coolers and bottle-free coolers, depending on where you live. Ask your Culligan Man about drinking water options in your area if you’d like to try a drinking water system.

Water softeners may be an option to you, but these would likely need to be approved by your landlord. Culligan Water Softeners help get rid of hard water stains in kitchens and bathrooms, which reduce cleaning time and cost. Soft water also provides you with softer skin and hair, not to mention brighter/softer laundry. When it comes to water softening solutions, Culligan can work with your building management to determine the best water treatment option for your specific living situation.

What about financing? Aren’t water systems expensive? Yes, sometimes they can be. However, many times these pieces of equipment can be rented and may even qualify for rent-to-own type programs through your local Culligan dealer. Additionally, if you do start renting and have to move, you can likely take your equipment with you, in some cases paying only a service charge to move the equipment if you’re moving to another location within your Culligan Man’s service area.

Stay Hydrated This Summer With Culligan!

The weather is heating up and the importance of staying hydrated is greater than ever. A reverse osmosis drinking water system from Culligan can help keep you and your family hydrated this summer. At Culligan, we offer a full line of drinking water systems that are designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

A Culligan Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is the easiest way to make sure you have an endless supply of high quality and refreshing water at your fingertips. For just pennies a glass, you’ll feel like you have a bottled water company under your sink. Reverse osmosis is the same process that major bottled water companies use to purify their water, but with Culligan you will get it for a fraction of the price. Not only will your Culligan water taste great, but it can also improve your cooking.

If you prefer bottled water, Culligan can deliver you the same high quality water with our bottled water delivery service. Bottled water delivery is perfect for the office, and is great for your home too! With bottled water from Culligan you can choose the type of water you want whether it’s reverse osmosis filtered water, spring water, demineralized water or distilled water. Bottled water from Culligan is hassle free and is delivered by your local Culligan Man at a time that is conducive to your schedule.

At Culligan, we are passionate about the environment, and that is why we offer our Bottle-Free Water Cooler. A Bottle-Free cooler from Culligan offers all of the benefits of bottled water, without the bottle! You’ll get the same great tasting water without having to store or lift heavy five gallon bottles. A Culligan Bottle-Free Cooler’s sleek, aesthetically pleasing design will look great in your kitchen or break room.

Remember, as the temperature goes up so too does the amount of water your body needs. Only Culligan can provide you with the professionalism and high quality water that you deserve. Call or click today to discuss which Culligan Drinking Water system is right for you.


Get Hydrated This Spring With Culligan!

Spring is right around the corner. As the temperature starts to heat up, and we spend more time outside, hydration becomes increasingly vital. What better way to stay hydrated than with the best tasting and purest water around? Culligan Drinking Water Systems utilize reverse osmosis water filtration technology to deliver bottled quality water right under your sink. 

As the local water expert, your Culligan Man is equipped with both the professional experience and equipment necessary to tackle your toughest water challenges. Culligan Drinking Water Systems aren’t one size fits all. Instead they are designed with a series of sophisticated, interchangeable filters that allow your Culligan Man to create a customized solution specific to your home’s water. With a Culligan Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, it’s like you have a bottled water company under your sink. Except for one major difference. Instead of paying $2 for a bottle of water, you can get it for just pennies a glass!

If you prefer a bottled water cooler for your home or office, Culligan can help you with that too. With bottled water from Culligan you can choose the type of water you want whether that is reverse osmosis filtered water, spring water, demineralized water or distilled water. Bottled water from Culligan is hassle free and is delivered by your local Culligan Man at a time that is conducive to your schedule.

Remember, as the temperature goes up so too does the amount of water your body needs. Only Culligan can provide you with the professionalism and high quality water that you deserve. Call or click today to discuss which Culligan Drinking Water system is right for you.



Give the Gift of Culligan!

The holidays are the perfect time to give your loved ones the gift of softer hair, smoother skin and brighter clothes. Give those you care about something they actually need with a Culligan® High Efficiency Water Softener. Just because its getting colder and drier outside, it doesn’t mean that your hair and skin have to suffer. With a Culligan® Water Softener you will notice improvements in the way your hair and skin both look and feel. Culligan® Water Softeners aren’t just good for you and your family, but also for the environment. Cut back on your environmental footprint by reducing the amount of energy that your softener consumes by up to 46%*. While your feeling good about helping the environment you will also feel great about the money you’ll save on your water and electricity bills. With all the money your Culligan® Water Softener will save you, you’ll be able to spend a little extra this season on the ones you love.

Already have a Culligan® Water Softener? Add bottled water or a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System to your home, and make sure your family is drinking the best water around. Culligan makes it easy to always have an endless supply of high quality, filtered, and delicious water at your fingertips. Whether you prefer bottled water delivered directly to your home at your convenience, or you want the luxury of feeling like you have a bottled water company under your sink with a Culligan® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, we have a water solution that is right for you and your family.

The holidays are rapidly approaching, don’t waste any more time trying to guess what your family needs this year. Give them the gift of Culligan, and see for yourself what soft water can do for your skin, hair and laundry.

*46% less than a time clock regeneration softener

Sharp Water Culligan Donates Water for Breast Cancer Walk



Cases of Water Waiting for Thirsty Walkers

On October 13, 2013 Sharp Water Culligan donated 60 cases of bottled water to Women Supporting Women for their 11th annual Breast Cancer Walk for Awareness. Held at Winterplace Park in Salisbury, MD, one of our very own employees, Service Manager George Donoway, was a participant for Team LJ, the largest team in this year’s walk.

Sharp Water Culligan is proud to support our local community events and has this water bottled and labeled specifically for donation purposes only. If you, or anyone you know, has an upcoming event which can benefit from a donation, please contact our corporate office at 800-439-3853 and speak with Lisa Rice at extension 228.