Give The Gift Of Culligan!

HE Water Softener

It may sound a little odd to gift someone a water softener for the holidays but a Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener is the gift that keeps on giving. The benefits of a Culligan water softener are simple. It improves the taste and overall quality of your water throughout your entire home. It makes your skin and hair feel amazing as well as making your clothes cleaner. Not to mention, it helps eliminate the amount of soap scum build up on your tubs, sinks, and faucets. Don’t bother having to replace your appliances every few years due to hard water buildup and soap scum, get a Culligan HE Water Softener today!

Culligan HE Water Softeners not only save you money, they are the most efficient product on the market! This means that your system will pay for itself in no time. Our High Efficiency softener has been proven to be 46% more efficient than any other brand. Why waste your hard earned cash on a less efficient, system? Choose Culligan instead! Contact your local Culligan Man today for special offers in your area!

“I was completely surprised by the way my hair felt after getting it washed and knowing a Culligan water softener was installed. It looked healthy and voluminous!” – Amanda, PA.

Culligan Puts Safety First

Recently at Sharp Water Culligan, we’ve enrolled our vehicles in the Safety First program to reduce the possibilities of accidents. The purpose of the Safety First program is to ensure roadway safety and to reduce the amount of vehicular accidents every year. By enrolling in this program, managers are able to provide constructive feedback to those of whom are operating our vehicles.

“The overwhelming majority of the studies concluded that the investment in safety through the SafetyFirst program produced measurable results; reducing automobile accidents, saving money, saving time and saving lives.” – SafetyFirst Systems, LLC.

Our goal at Sharp Water isn’t just to provide people with great-tasting, purified, water but it’s also to ensure the safety of those around us. If you see a Culligan vehicle like the one pictured above, please let us know how we are driving. Good or bad, we want to know.


Culligan Van

Wanted Dead or Alive!


Wanted Dead or Alive

$500 Reward

Wanted Dead or Alive! Your old water softener that is. Is your hair or skin drab and dry? Are your clothes and dishes spotty or lackluster? Well, it may be time for you to trade in your old water softener for a new one. We want your old or broken water softening system even if you are not a current Culligan customer! Simply trade in your old system for a cash reward towards a brand new Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener. Switching to a new Culligan water softener will not only give you cleaner water, it will also save you money. By installing a Culligan water softener in your home you are able to lower your monthly water, salt, and electricity costs. On top of all that, your Culligan Man will receive automatic service notifications so you never have worry about making an appointment ever again. Who doesn’t want fresh water from the most reliable and efficient water softening system around? Come into any of our Sharp Water locations between 9/1/16 and 10/31/16 and trade in any water softener and earn your cash reward.

Soft Water and Back-To-School Cleaning

Twin Boys in Football Uniforms

As summer begins to come to an end, many families are preparing for the upcoming school year. This season also involves starting back into sports for many kids across the nation. This means that, especially in this season, your home’s water is going to be used for cleaning even dirtier sport related clothes. If your home has hard water, though, that water isn’t as good as it could be for cleaning.

What is hard water? Hard water is water with extra minerals and substances in it that should not be there. Many times these minerals are calcium and magnesium. Now you might say, “Calcium? That doesn’t sound so bad…”, and you would be right if you were mostly concerned about health problems. But calcium in your water can have other harmful side effects. Calcium can build up in your appliances, and doesn’t allow soap to clean things quite as it should.

A Culligan water softener can take care of these problems. With a Culligan water softener, your clothes (and dishes) can be cleaned better and more efficiently, with less detergent. Your clothes are softer when your water is soft, too. Soft water also helps keep your hair soft, and can even help your appliances last longer without all that calcium building up inside them.

As kids begin to head back to school and the dirty clothes mount, look into softening your water. Soft water helps with softer hair, softer and cleaner clothes, and cleaner dishes using less soap.  Soft water can even help your appliances last longer. Consider taking care of your water this season; it will take care of you!