Culligan Bottle-Free® Coolers

Culligan Bottle-Free® Cooler

Let Culligan bring the convenience of on-demand hot, cold, room-temperature and sparkling water to your home or office. Our Bottle-Free® coolers hydrate your office with the same clean, refreshing quality you've come to expect from our bottled water systems. 

No Empty Bottle Storage or Deliveries Needed

We offer certified installation and service professionals at your convenience, and are a trusted leader in the water industry for more than 80 years. 

Some of the benefits of Bottle-Free coolers include:

  • Modern, free-standing design
  • Large dispensing area
  • Custom water filtration options
  • Premium sparkling water option
  • No plastic bottles taking space in your fridge or trash
  • No deliveries
  • Unlimited water for pennies a glass
  • Cold, refreshing drinking water and steaming hot water for soups, coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • The most eco-friendly, green solution to high-quality drinking water 

Product Overview

Energy saving mode

  • Built-in leak detection with automatic water shut-off
  • Sealed stainless tank with fast 4-gal/hr. recovery
  • Sealed .4-gal capacity stainless steel hot tank
  • Extra hot mode delivery temperature 194 degrees F
  • Large drip tray with full alarm and optional drain line
  • UV light dispensing nozzle (optional) 
  • Integrated cup dispenser (optional)

Filtration Options

Sediment Filters

Filter out particulate materials such as dirt, sand and rust

Carbon Filters

Reduce chlorine taste and odor. Helps protect the RO membrane

Third Stage Filter Options

  1. Reverse osmosis filters, which reduce microscopic impurities such as arsenic, lead, sodium and others
  2. Total defense filters contain a specialized carbon block that reduces cysts, lead, VOC's, MTBEs and others. 

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