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Attention: Residents and New Homeowners of Baltimore, Carroll and Harford Counties

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The northern suburbs of Baltimore and its surrounding farmland are plagued with a number of municipal and well water issues, including calcium and magnesium (hard water), low pH from acid rain, plant waste deposits and urban runoff, flouride, hydrogen sulfide and iron. 

Sharp Water Mid-Atlantic Culligan can provide you with more than a product for typically less than $10/month. It’s a full-service, end-to-end solution for your home’s water. 

If your well water is having these issues, a number of filteration options are availabile, customizable to your needs. Fill out the form below or call today for a FREE water test

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Sharp Water Mid-Atlantic Culligan is excited to announce the construction of our NEW brick and mortar office and dealership in Shrewsbury, PA. Check back for updates and an announcement for the date of our grand opening!

Northern Baltimore
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